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Preteen baby faces

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Related post: Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 09:53:43 EDT From: Subject: Reality Checkup Part 2There may or may not have been an error in the link which lovely preteen asians would have taken you directly to this and other stories written by trey, marcus and billy; so we shall try once again with the link below... ORsimply send email to flaboy941-subscribeyahoogroups.comNow then... kick back and enjoy Chapter Two of the nude preteen clip story....******************************************************************************* The pressure and discomfort in my hole was subsiding, while at the same time my knees were beginning to get accustomed to bearing the weight placed upon them. Yet all was still silent and nothing was happening to me. Just when I thought I was left alone, I felt the slave's hands on the body.The slave put his hands on the sides of my head and quickly removed the earplugs. I wasn't sure why this was happening; until I heard him speak.The slave began to speak by first telling me that his name was Cody. He said that each day for the next month, that sometime during each day he would be allowing me the privilege of hearing, BUT only to listening for the purpose of learning and to better understand. All of which should make me to better accept that which lay ahead.Cody instructed me to change position. He wanted preteen assian girls me to be relaxed while he spoke to me and I quickly obeyed. I laid on my back, legs spread with the preteen baby faces knees bent so nakedpreteen girl com the feet were flat on the floor. My arms were straight and positioned above my head. Indeed, this was quite comfortable compared to being on all fours.I learned preteen hot leggs so much, on this my first day. innocent preteen russian I learned preteen hot box that my new Master was a doctor. He was a illegal petitepreteen Urologist. Master had a very lucrative private practice and over the years had become friends with other doctors and health care people who had similar likes and lifestyles. I would be meeting these other people in time, along with their slaves.Cody told me that his main function in the house was that of a bedslave/houseslave. He had been here since he was seventeen, eight years. He had been exposed boys sex preteens to the Masters friends and slaves on a constant basis; that is why he had been instructed to tend to my initial training.I learned that the room we were in had been constructed over the last 12 months. Everything in the room was either built, or purchased just youngporn preteen for the time preteen tgp rompl when the Master would kiddie preteen model acquire His special boy. Cody said that many of the items he has seen in the room were totally "foreign" to him. He had sexy preteen twins no idea of there naughty preteen movie use.I was quizzed on the photos, which Master had previously emailed to me. Cody was asking the most detailed questions. I found preteen porn thumbs it odd to only be able to nod my head to answer the questions; but since he phrased each to only need a yes or no answer it wasn't all that bad. I thought all along that I had understood the pictures but I soon learned that I overlooked the small details in each one of them.I would real preteen bra be getting a certain amount of preteen beauty pix time each day to exercise. I would be eating alone. I would be going preteen model unerage outside each day for a specified amount of preteen lingerie model time. There were other things to learn but Cody said he would instruct me on them a little each day.Cody said the day was progressing well and was most happy that I preteen age bbs had arrived. I too was happy. Cody soon left the room, allowing me to remain in this position until he returned. Cody had to begin preparations for the evening meal for Master and himself but preteen gorgeous model would pictures preteen girl return shortly.I was thankful for the silence at this preteen art gallaries point. I was able to meditate on everything Cody had spoken to me about. Cody all to soon came back. He said Master would be home shortly and that he had to get me ready for His arrival.Cody got a firm preteen modules hold of the butt plug and none to gently pulled it out of my hole. I could feel the melting logs begin to drip down from the hole towards the floor. He was pleased to see that preteen mofel the hole was not slamming closed preteen non hnude and said that he harcore preteens has instructions to replace the first plug with yet another wider one. I prepared myself for the pain as he began the invasion, but the europe models preteen pain was minimal compared to the first videos asian preteens time. One thing was certain. This kinder young preteen plug was wider and had a very large base, which I felt pressing against my inner thighs. The only way not to feel the base was to spread the legs out even further. Doing that, got an affirmative comment from Cody.I was told to return to the "normal and proper" position. Once preteen girl tpg on all fours, Cody told me that he was going to remove the mouth gag so that pleasing models preteens I could have a drink. God, it sure felt good to be able to close my mouth again. I soon learned that preteen girls bras my water was directly in front of me, in my very own hc preteen tgp personalized water bowl. I lapped at the water until it was all gone. Cody left the mouth gag out briefly as he instructed me to now move towards a new area in the room. sven s preteen He then helped me porn preteens nudes to my feet tgp asian preteen and preteen bbs sexy backed me into, what preteen goth girls felt like and indeed was, a padded table of sorts. Instinctively I backed on to the table. Cody helped to turn the body the proper way so the head pantyhose preteen ladies was at the right end. I began to lay back with his help and I was long leg preteen amazed at how great preteen hc xxx the table felt 3d preteen tgp on a hairless body.I discovered voung preteen porn that the table was now being positioned beneath me. Just at the small of the lo young preteen back the table seemed russian preteens model to be moving bbs elweb preteen upwards. My head was now lower than my abdomen but there was no pressure being placed on my back. A padded arm was swung out from the sides of table and each of my arms was attached with a leather strap above the elbow and a strap just below the elbow, leaving my wrist and hands free to move. Next, Cody took each preteen virgin porn leg and blog preteen nude placed it in a leather sling of sorts. Each leg was elevated with a large wide strap just above the knee. The legs were then positioned so wide that I didn't feel the base of the butt plug any long. I youngest preteen girls only felt a slight breeze between my legs.What happened next came as a surprise. Before replacing the mouth gag and earplugs Cody told me what to expect when private preteen pics Master arrived. I learned that Master was extremely patient, yet firm in His convictions. Master was in no rush to use/abuse me until He erotic tiny preteens had furthered my transformation. It preteen tiny blowjob was strange, preteen pic nonnude eerie and unsettling trying to understand, at this point, why I may not even be hearing Masters voice.Just before Cody replaced the earplugs, he whispered into my ear that he was extremely happy with me and happy for me. He reminded me to try and relax, to remember all that he had just said and not to be fearful. All went silent. I felt my head being raised by his hand, expecting to feel the mouth gag once again. I went totally limp physically and mentally as Cody gave me a very passionate kiss on my lips. preteen underage dorki Then mouth gag was put in place and secured.Before I could comprehend what to preteen fullnude pics feel about the kiss from Cody, I fresh preteen pix felt a forceful blast of cool air. The door had opened and ill nude preteens I assumed that Master had arrived.I now had to concentrate on all that Cody said was about to happen. Indeed, a lot was to take place. I felt a different softness of hands on the body. From head to toe, every inch of the exposed preteenz sex body was touched. Master grabbed the base of the butt plug and twisted hardsexe x preteens it in a circular motion for several minutes and I was certain that I felt a little of the warmed lube drip out and downward. Master then moved back to my cock and balls. Feeling them as if he would be doing the same to a patient in his office. The next feeling came when Master stuck me with a small needle in the arm, only to be taking a fucking preteen stories sample of preteen japanese movies my blood for testing. Moments later Master was doing something behind my head. Master was replacing the temporary eye coverings with a leather blindfold. Once the blindfold was in place, Master took two fingers and reached underneath the leather and removed the temporary coverings on each eye. The smell of leather was intoxicating.I learned the reason why my wrists had not been secured yet. I felt the coolness and weight of the iron cuffs as newstar preteen models Master placed them on the body and secured them properly. The same feelings came as the ankles tight tiny preteen were similarly cuffed and secured. I felt my legs rising higher and being spread out further than they were originally.There was no doubt in my mind about how the body now looked and was positioned. With my mind as my eyes, all this was rather erotic to say the least. I was rapidly ru links preteen learning that my wants, needs, desires were what is bringing pleasure to Master.Master once again began to feel my cock and balls. I knew, from Cody, that Master was going to cinch them. What I didn't know was that the cinch ring was one inch wide, had spikes completely around the band and had a ring on the bottom. I felt Master guide my balls through the band and then my cock was little preteens bbs feed through and the band was snugged tightly against my body. If I was to ever again get my legs to close together the spikes would quickly xxx preteen thumbs remind me to "spread 'um".I took a couple of deep relaxing breaths through my nose and brazil schoolgirls preteens waited for what was to come next. Cody had said that preteens sex models I was to be catheterized for a urine sample. Furthermore Cody had said, the catheter was going to be the largest one he had ever seen. It was a number 30 with a 30 cc balloon. With the aid of lube, the catheter was slowly inserted into my piss slit. I could feel the tubing snake its way along the bottom part pussy girl preteens of my dick. Then, resistance! I knew Master had done this many times before and I was not afraid of injury but leery of any pain. But then again, pain is good, pain is proper and pain is normal. A bit daphne preteen of a push and the catheter was gay preteen incest into the bladder, with minimal pain. The bladder muscle began to spasm a bit but was not too unbearable. The balloon was russian preteen slut inflated to its fullest capacity. Quickly I figured out that the 30cc balloon equals one ounce of liquid or better yet, about one full jigger. I could feel the urine begin to nude preteen legal flow down and out the body. This feeling was totally awesome. After a time, I thought the catheter would be removed, but I was mistaken. I was to remain catheterized so Master would have total control of my piss. The catheter was clamped shut after my bladder was emptied and I was then left alone. Alone to think of what had just happened to my body. Master and Cody had left the room to eat their evening meal, alfa preteen top which left me feeling hungry; since my last meal had been early morning before getting on the Greyhound.I closed my eyes beneath the leather blindfold and fell off into a light sleep, be it all so brief. I dreamt of Master and what He must look like. I only knew him by what Cody had said to me and by the feel of His hands. All was right with the world and I was content with myself. I felt a feeling preteen teen porno of warmth and satisfaction.Hands on my body brought me back to reality preteenmaria model com and amateur preteen blog alertness. These hands were neither those of Master nor those of Cody. Who belonged to these hands? I soon discovered the who, the why. Within seconds I felt a cold liquid on my ear and then a sharp, quick needle stick. I was getting my ears pierced by a leather master who was quite skilled in body piercing. A lot of time was spent on each ear. preteen models dawn When finished I had both ears pierced and decorated by large rings. The rings were 2 inches in diameter, 10 gauge stainless steel and each had a 1-inch steel ball. The one-inch ball made slut tgp preteen up the bulk of the weight, which could easily be felt even when the preteens cute sexy head was not moving. Is all this too much to soon for me? I would be happy now, preteen adolescent nudes if this day was over. I was fast learning that humility has no place in my life, as I am to be viewed and used preteen tpg com as seen proper by Master.The same cold feeling encompassed my right nipple, then the same sharp, quick needle stick. I bucked my chest up with this piercing, as the pain was surely different than that of my ears. Relaxing back on the table I felt the ring push the needle through and then I felt the weight of the ball. The ring and ball were the same as those in my ears. Damn!! The left nipple went through the same feelings and pain as did the preteens mpeg right one, and likewise the same ring size was put in place. preteen nudes galleries I was left to relax for a spanish preteen pussy while and discovered that both Master and the piercing man had left the room. All that remained was Cody. Cody placed his hand on my head and stroked babes preteen ever so gently. He removed one of my earplugs so I could virgin preteen tgp hear his voice. He free preteen hentai had been instructed to talk to me by Master.Cody said that Master was preteen boysex incest proud of me. Master was also very pleased with all of Cody's work he had done on me. I learned that my night was not over yet. I was informed virgin preteens com that more "discomfort" was forthcoming before I would be allowed shameless preteens nude to sleep. I didn't learn what was ahead, but was happy just to preteen lsmodels know that much. I was disparate to piss but couldn't. I raised my hips a bit and moved them about best I could. Cody picked up on what I was attempting to convey and said he could take care of that for me. He told me to be silent when he removed the mouth gag and I knew better than to say anything. Out came one gag and japanese naked preteens just as fast went another into my mouth. This gag was cartoon preteen different in size and texture. I felt Cody handling my cock and was getting anxious to piss. My cock lay semi-rigid over the cinch ring. He seemed to be moving my mouth gag a bit, which startled me somewhat, be it ever so brief. The next thing I knew, Cody was speaking softly into my ear, telling me to expect the unexpected. I felt my piss rush through the catheter and out the body. galeries nudes preteens Within preteen crazy nature seconds that same piss was coming into my mouth thru the new real preteen naked gag. I swallowed and swallowed; all while Cody was speaking words of encouragement into my ear. My piss stopped flowing and the bladder felt relief. What I also realized that the tubing connecting both the cock and mouth was still attached.END OF PART 2 preteen litttle girls
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